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The $300 reservation fee is refundable as outlined in our Refunds Policy FAQs below which has answers to your pending questions

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Puppies for Sale Reservation FAQs


Our meticulous selection process involves in-depth profiles, photos, and guidance from our experts, ensuring you find a companion perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences. We’re dedicated to helping you make an informed and joyful decision.”

To secure your chosen puppy, we require a $300 deposit fee, which confirms their availability and initiates necessary arrangements for adoption. Our team will guide you through the simple deposit process, addressing any queries along the way.

Late cancellation fee of $150 for any services canceled after 10pm the night before will apply, service adjustments need to be requested by 10pm the night before and approved by us; Full price of a reservation will apply for any cancellations made within 2 hours of the scheduled time frame. All same day cancellations, adjustments and requests must must be submitted through Please wait for us to approve the change or request to make sure it’s confirmed.

1) Canceling by emailing us: Please make sure to allow at least 12 work hours between your cancellation/adjustment email and scheduled walk that you want to cancel to avoid late cancellation fee stated above.

2) Calling us during the office hours and canceling by phone: Same rules apply as in canceling/ adjusting by Teacup PuppySpot.

Currently we accept cashapp, Zelle, Venmo, Cryptocurrency, check and credit card. Please note there is an extra 4% fee applied to credit card payments.

We require for the credit card info to be added to your profile before we start the adoption process, if the payment is not submitted within a month, we will run your credit card on file on 5th week from the start of the adoption process or when total due reaches $300. All invoices that are not paid within 6 weeks are subject to a weekly $10 fee. If the invoice is not paid by 8th week, the adoption process will be temporary suspended until paid in full.

Reserving a puppy starts by browsing through our available listings. Once you’ve found a furry friend you adore:

  • Click the “Reserve Me” button, verify the details of the puppy you want to reserve
  • Click on “Start Reservation”
  • Fill your details to complete the reservation process.

This usually involves placing a deposit or a reservation fee to secure the puppy exclusively for you.

The reservation fee plays a crucial role in securing the chosen puppy. It contributes towards the puppy’s initial veterinary care, vaccinations, health examinations, and accommodations until adoption. Additionally, it helps ensure the puppy remains exclusively available for your adoption process.

The reservation fee is non-refundable as it secures the puppy exclusively for you and covers initial expenses. However, in certain circumstances, such as unforeseen health issues with the puppy, we may offer the option to transfer the reservation fee to another available puppy. For refunds and cancellation, kindly get in touch with our support team via email at

Following the reservation, our team will guide you through the adoption process. This includes providing necessary documentation, discussing payment schedules, and setting the timeline for completing the adoption formalities.

While we understand circumstances may change, the refund of reservation fee is not automatic. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your commitment to adopting the puppy seriously before making a reservation. It may take some hours or days to process your refund.

In rare instances where the reserved puppy becomes unavailable due to unforeseen health or other circumstances, our team will assist you in finding a suitable replacement. If preferred, we can also offer a refund of the reservation fee.

A reservation ensures the puppy is set aside exclusively for you but does not guarantee immediate adoption. Completion of the adoption process involves meeting specific requirements and adhering to our adoption procedures.

Yes, reservations for puppies from upcoming litters are accepted. Please contact our team in advance, and we’ll guide you through the reservation process for the upcoming litters.

Reservations typically have a specific duration. While we encourage timely adoptions, we understand certain situations might require an extension. Contact our team in advance to discuss and request an extension for the reservation hold period.