How to order/ Pay


Placing an order on our website is very easy and simple. Search our website for the puppy you need and click on it. Then add to your cart. Do these simultaneously for the puppy or puppies you want to order at the moment. Once you are done adding to your cart, view your cart and proceed to checkout. Fill the checkout form and select the payment method you will want to use for payment. {We recommend mostly {Zelle Pay} and {Cashapp} and click on “Place Order”.

Contact our agent through the Live Chat or using any of our contact details so he can provide you with payment information for the selected method you chose to do payment. When done with the payment, kindly send a screenshot to our agent so we can confirm the payment and process your order.

After your payment has been confirmed and your order processed, we shall provide you with a new change of ownership paper work from the old breeders names to yours as new owner and also the tracking number to your shipment which you can use to have all necessary details related to your delivery.

Paying Via Zelle

You can download the Zelle pay application or visit

Setup with your bank or debit card

input the recipient’s Zelle pay email ,First and last name.

Send the payment

Take a screen shot/image of the receipt and email it to ( with your Order number.

Pay with Cashapp

Cashapp Notice: We’ve had a few grievances from customers who attempted to make payment by means of Cashapp” Cashapp cautions the tag may be identified with a Scam.

We contacted Cashapp Support and we are still to get a reaction from them. In any case, what we understood after a few endeavors was that, it’s another security alternative.

Where Cashapp attempts to caution customers when sending cash above $50 to a cashtag which isn’t found in your contact list and you’ve never sent cash to the individual. This is simply to ensure you are sending it to the appropriate individual.

Note: This is no warning

We simply need our customers to kindly continue with the payment when the notification pops. we’ve had numerous calls about this and we chose to put it on our page so that, the vast majority of you can Follow up.

Step by step instructions to Order and Pay

Greetings from LovelyFrenchBulldogs we have gotten countless inquiries on the most efficient method to order and pay and this page is committed to that. When you completely go through this page, Ordering Payment will be made very simple.

Note: We Ship and deliver Puppies worldwide except for the following countries North and South Korea, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Bolivia, Syria, Bahrain.

When you visit our shop page, add the puppy you want to the Cart , View your Cart and continue to checkout.

Instructions to Pay

We have different Payment options site such as. (Cashapp, Zelle)

Payment through Cashapp.

Download the Cashapp App from Playstore(Andriod clients) or Appstore(IOS Users

Signup with your email or phone numbers

3 Link your newly created casshapp with either your bank or your Debit card.

4 Add cash to your CashApp balance.

5 Send payment the cashtag we will provide to your through email or text , take a screen shot or image of the receipt and order number to ( and within 1 hour you will get your Payment Confirmation with your Tracking number.

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