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Welcome to, the most trusted online site for finding French Bulldogs near you for sale. We take immense pride in our mission to connect potential buyers with ethical AKC French bulldog breeders. At, we understand that purchasing a French Bulldog is a significant decision, and we are here to ensure that your experience is both enjoyable and reliable.

As a reputable and trusted platform, we take pride in connecting prospective buyers with responsible breeders from various states and cities across the United States. Whether you’re searching for the best french bulldog breeders Florida,French bulldog breeders Ohio,French bulldog breeders illinois,French bulldog breeders in PA,French bulldog breeders MA,French bulldog breeders NJ,French bulldog breeders Texas,french bulldog breeders colorado or french bulldog breeders michigan, is your one-stop solution. In this page, we will highlight why buyers should choose us and how we ensure a seamless experience in finding your perfect furry companion.

We raise all of our French bulldogs with the highest standards of the breed and provide them all of the attention and love they need prior to being delivered to our customer’s home.

Our  French bulldog puppies are well socialized and spend their time playing with other bulldogs, Other pets  as well as family and friends – we do this so when the dog sets foot in your home, he or she is use to human hands and smell.

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What separate us from other breeders:

  • Ethical Bulldog Breeders: We believe in the importance of responsible breeding practices and the well-being of French Bulldogs. That’s why we work exclusively with ethical bulldog breeders who prioritize the health and welfare of their dogs. When you choose, you can be confident that your new furry companion comes from a loving and reputable breeder.

  • Verified Listings: We thoroughly screen and verify all the listings on our platform to ensure the legitimacy and quality of the French Bulldogs for sale. Our team reviews breeder credentials, health records, and other essential details to provide you with accurate and reliable information. You can browse through our listings with peace of mind, knowing that every breeder has been vetted by our experts.

  • Wide Selection: offers a wide variety of French Bulldogs for sale. Whether you’re looking for a specific color, coat pattern, or personality traits, we have an extensive range of options to suit your preferences. Our user-friendly website allows you to filter and search for the perfect French Bulldog that will fit seamlessly into your family and lifestyle.

  • Transparent Information: We believe in transparency when it comes to providing information about the French Bulldogs available for sale. Each listing includes detailed descriptions, including the dog’s age, gender, pedigree, health history, and any other relevant information. We want you to make an informed decision and feel confident about the French Bulldog you choose.

  • Supportive Community: is more than just a marketplace. We foster a supportive community of French Bulldog enthusiasts, breeders, and owners. Our blog and forum provide a platform for sharing knowledge, advice, and experiences related to French Bulldogs. You can connect with fellow dog lovers, ask questions, and learn from others who share the same passion for these adorable companions.


Not only are our females healthy, they’re thick, compact, low to the ground and have great bone structure. We love nice females and were willing to pay what it takes to get the best! This is how we produce the best Frenchies by making sure the Bottom Half of each breeding is correct!! Our program is driven by Structure, DNA, and Pedigree.

Like the Blue French Bulldog, the  French Bulldog is a stocky but small dog. Its flat face and loose-skinned body are adorned with wrinkles. However what sets them apart is their smooth, bluish gray coat which can either be entirely solid or patterned with some white markings on the chest and belly.


We make sure you’re set when you take your puppy home!

  • Health Certificate
  • Shot and Deworming Records
  • 1 Year Health Guarantee
  • AKC Papers when purchased
  • Small Supply of Current Dog Food

At LovelyFrenchBulldogs, we value giving the best choice of pups. We realize how significant it is when finding the ideal doggy that accommodates your family, character, and way of life. Our staff of doggy specialists are prepared and are glad to assist you with finding the little dog you had always wanted. We breed adhering to the business’ best expectations. That is the reason we offer our 1 Year Puppy Guarantee. At The Puppy Store we care about our little dogs even after they’ve been taken to their eternity home.

We are Set out to beat the enormous box costs, we leave on reproducing solid young doggies and spot our consumer loyalty’s at the highest point of our needs